Acute Rehab versus SNF

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Acute Rehab vs. SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) Contributed by: PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Dover, A Post Acute Medical Hospital

What is the difference between Acute Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing care?

Following hospitalization for a serious illness or injury, you may face a decision on whether to continue your recovery at an inpatient rehabilitation hospital or a skilled nursing facility. Understanding the difference between these two levels of care is crucial during the post-acute planning phase, as it can determine whetehr or not you maximize your medical and functional long-term recovery.

The high level of hospital care given in the acute rehab setting cannot be found at the lower level of care, such as a nursing home or skilled nursing facility. Studies show that patients treated in an acute rehabilitation hospital have better outcomes, go home earlier, and are less likely to be readmitted to the hospital.

Some skilled nursing facilities will call themselves a “rehab” facility, however they do not provide the same level of service as “acute hospital rehab.”


Acute rehabilitation maximizes patient health and function

At PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Dover, recovery is geared towards maximizing patient health and function. Our highly trained rehabilitation team works one-on-one with patients, helping them increase their strength and endurance, relearn previous skills, and develop new skills. In addition, our team engages with family and caregivers, providing education and training that enables them to provide patients with the support necessary to resume day-to-day life.

Patient treatment goals may include:

-Increasing independence in daily living activities, such as dressing and bathing

-Bladder and bowel management

-Bed, chair, toilet and tub or shower transfers

-Improving cognitive abilities, such as comprehension, expression, interaction, problem solving and memory

-Safe mobility with or without adaptive equipment

-Improving balance and coordination

-Mental and social adjustments

-Maximizing communication skills

-Improving swallowing

-Medication management

-Managing medical needs

To achieve these goals, patients participate in activities that include:

-One-on-one therapy

-Community re-entry

-Individualized, goal-directed activities

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