Don't Overlook Veterans Benefits for Long Term Care

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Every day our office meets with families who want to prepare for the future whether that’s through estate planning or asset protection from long term care costs. When we talk to Veterans it is almost always unclear to them the benefits that could be available through the Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension Benefits program. Veterans or widow(er)s of veterans may be entitled to a non-service connected monthly pension to offset long term health care costs such as home health care, or care in assisted living or nursing facilities. Many veterans are unaware of this benefit or assume they don’t qualify...

Loneliness and Older Adults: How Community Living Can Support Socialization

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Contributed by: Gary & Amy Feger of CarePatrol of Delaware & Maryland Eastern Shore

Many older adults, especially those with health issues, are lonely. According to a new study, one in four seniors say they feel isolated from other people at least some of the time, and one in three say they lack regular companionship.

Chronic loneliness doesn’t just affect older adults’ mental health. According to the study, it can also impact a person’s memory, physical well-being and life expectancy.

“In fact, some research suggests that chronic loneliness may shorten life expectancy even more than being overweight or sedentary, and...

Chocolate Chip Cookies

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My grandmother had a wooden cookie jar that lived on the back of her kitchen counter the majority of my life. Her grandchildren have always been able to count on that cookie jar to be full of something delicious. Although there have been times that we’ve found Little Debbie treats, it’s always been much more common for us to find homemade cookies that our grandmother baked for us in anticipation of a visit.

There are so many forms of love and I believe baking is one of them. In our offices we find happiness in preparing freshly baked cookies that...

The Importance of a Thorough Power of Attorney

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We help families protect their assets from the costs of long term care. Often times, however, we are not working with our elderly client directly, but rather with his/her Agent under a Power of Attorney (POA). Unfortunately, we regularly see POAs that do not grant the Agent full authority because items in the General Authority and Specific Authority sections have not been initialed. This has been especially problematic since the Powers of Attorney Act was passed in 2010. As a result, the Agent does not have the authority to make gifts or create irrevocable trusts, which are both commonly necessary...

Life Insurance Basics

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Contributed by: Tony DiPietro, State Farm Insurance Agent

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a contract established during your lifetime where an amount of money (called the “death benefit”) is paid to a beneficiary (the person(s) or entity you choose to receive the money) at your death, in exchange for a premium that you pay to the insurance company during your lifetime. However, there are various types of life insurance products available, all designed to serve a particular purpose. An insurance professional can help you understand your options and make the best selection for you and your loved ones.