Top Five Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan upon Moving to Delaware

Top Five Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan upon Moving to Delaware image

Reason No. 1: Revocable Living Trusts

Many people have estate planning goals that cannot be accomplished through a Will alone.

In Delaware, proper use of a Revocable Living Trust provides many benefits: • Overall, it avoids the time, paperwork, and expense of probate. • It eliminates many filing fees and the closing cost fee, which is 1.25% in Sussex County and 1.75% in Kent and New Castle Counties. • It provides increased privacy because its terms are never made public and no newspaper advertisement is required. • It eliminates delays in final distributions to the named beneficiaries.

The maker of...

2020 Is Year of the Nurse

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Contributed by Nurse Next Door Written By: by Amy Clark, BSN, RN, Certified Dementia Practitioner Director of Nursing

2020 has been designated the Year of the Nurse and Midwife by the World Health Organization (WHO). This year was chosen to honor the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale. For the 17th year in a row, nursing has been chosen as the most trustworthy profession!! According to the WHO, the world needs nine million nurses by the year 2030. Their hope is that by highlighting nurses this year, awareness will be raised and more programs can be put in place to recruit...

What is the SECURE Act?

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Contributed by: Procino-Wells & Woodland, LLC

The SECURE Act (“Act”) was included in a spending bill approved by the Senate on December 19, 2019, and signed into law by the President on the next day. Standing for “Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement,” here are a few things to understand about the Act:

The Act aims to address a pressing issue, which is the lack of sufficient retirement savings among a significant number of Americans. With the decline of traditional pensions, most Americans are now responsible for saving for their own retirement. The Act seeks to redress this problem...

Delaware's Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund

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Traumatic Brain Injury Support Information provided by: Brain Injury Association of Delaware

Did you know that there is a Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund in the State of Delaware? In July 2013, the General Assembly allocated funding to the State Council for Persons with Disabilities to administer a Brain Injury Trust Fund. This fund has helped many individuals receive services that have improved their quality of life and increase their independence.

Covered services under the Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund may include the following (not covered under DHSS Medicaid Programs): • Home and Environmental Modifications • Driver Rehabilitation • Service...

Social Security Expands Public Hours at Offices Nationwide

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Wednesdays to Return to Full Public Service Hours; Agency to Hire 1,100 Direct Service Employees

Starting on January 8, 2020, Social Security offices nationwide will be open to the public on Wednesday afternoons, Andrew Saul, Commissioner of Social Security, announced. This change restores Wednesday public service hours that were last in place in late 2012. “I don’t want someone to come to our office at 2:30 on a Wednesday only to find our doors closed,” Commissioner Saul said.

In another move to improve service to the public, Commissioner Saul announced in his Open Letter to the Public at that...