When It's Time to Take the Keys Away

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(ARA) - How would you react if you were sitting in the back seat, one of your parents were driving, and they became slightly confused when it came time to take an exit? Or if they brushed a curb while driving down the road?

Most people wouldn’t consider either situation alarming, but what if your loved one got lost on the way to the grocery store or some other place they had been to dozens of times before?

It happened to 84-year-old “Mary” of Charlotte, N.C., about two years ago. She was supposed to drive herself to a dentist appointment,...

Use Your Estate Plan to Plan for Your Pets

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Hello. Bella here. If we haven’t yet been introduced, I’m the Chief Content Contributor for the Procino-Wells & Woodland, LLC quarterly newsletter. Also, and more importantly, four legged queen of the Wells’ home. I just left a spa day with my girlfriend Phoebe and she had the nerve to ask me who her humans should hire to create their estate plan. Like, hello, the Dremel isn’t so loud that you’ve never heard me talk about what my mom does for a living. Ugh. She gets my bandana in such a wad. I’ve told her before. Your human’s estate plan shouldn’t...

Power of Attorney: The Broader The Better

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Contributed by: Jessica L. Whaley, Legal Assistant

When speaking about estate planning in general terms, most people tend to direct their attention to those documents that plan for after they have departed this life (i.e. a will or trust). However, when we prepare an estate plan for our clients, we not only want to prepare documents to assist in the administration of their estate, but also to aid in the years of life ahead. This is where a Power of Attorney (“POA”) becomes a useful document when it is drafted correctly. As we will discuss below, without the proper powers...

What Will Happen To Your IRA Upon Your Death?

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Contributed by: Michele Procino-Wells, Esquire

As more “baby boomers” are retiring and rolling over large 401(k)s and other retirement plans to Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), proper tax and estate planning for IRAs has become increasingly important.

Upon your death, the beneficiary of your IRA can take the money out as fast as all of it right away, or as slow as payments over the beneficiary’s life expectancy. If the beneficiary is taking the money out as slowly as possible, the amount she or he has to take out every year is known as the required minimum distribution (RMD). Taking the...

Your Ultimate Guide to a Maryland Crab Feast

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The Basics

Q: What is a “Maryland crab feast”? A: Crab feasts are a time honored tradition during which friends and family gather around a large picnic-style table to eat Maryland blue crabs. Blue crabs take time to pick and eat so it becomes a very social activity. Typically held in the summer, crab feasts are best enjoyed with a cold beer in hand.

Q: When is Maryland crab season? A: The Maryland crab season typically starts in mid April and runs all the way through December.

Q: What is the difference between male and female crabs? A: Male crabs...