A New Definition for Alzheimer's

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By changing how they define Alzheimer’s Disease, scientists hope they can better understand how it works and possibly find new treatments.

Some diseases are very easy to define, especially when it involves something physical. For example, chicken pox is defined by the presence of the active virus in your bloodstream and the physical marks associated with the disease.

Other diseases are defined by the presence of certain symptoms, such as various mental health diseases and Alzheimer’s is one of the latter. It is defined by people who have certain symptoms.

Some scientists would like to change that for research purposes...

What to Do If You Are a Will Beneficiary

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Should you be notified that you are the potential beneficiary of someone’s estate, then what happens next depends on state laws.

When a will is filed in probate court, one of the first things normally required is to notify everyone who is named in the will or who may potentially benefit from the will. Sometimes, that can be many people, as is the case of the recently deceased actor John Mahoney.

His estate is worth approximately $5 million and there are 38 people who could be beneficiaries. Most of the time, the number of people notified is likely to be...

Returning to Work

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Studies have shown that an increasing number of retired Americans are choosing to return to work. The reason is normally not because they need money.

Most people dream of the day when they no longer must work for a living. After a long work life, they dream of being able to do other things with their time. It does not apply to everyone, but most people look forward to retirement.

We also tend to think that retired people stay retired. However, over the last couple of decades, studies have found that an increasing number of retired people decided to go...

When There Are More Seniors Than Caregivers

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It is possible that a growing elderly population in the U.S., could lead to a shortage of caregivers available to assist the elderly.

A couple of very large problems are looming on the horizon for the U.S., because of an increasingly aging population that is living longer on average than previous generations. These looming problems include not having enough trained caregivers to assist the aging populace and coming up with the money to properly care for seniors.

We know that both these things could potentially be a problem and we do not know what will happen, if the issues are...

The Path of Least Resistance for Scammers

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Criminal scammers like to target seniors because they are often easier for them to fool.

Most people have probably been the victim of a scam of some sort. Even if it was a benign scam, like someone tricking us into believing something that is false, it still counts as being scammed. Anyone can be the victim of a scam.

However, when unscrupulous people try to scam others with criminal intent, usually out of money, then such criminals prefer to take the path of least resistance to make their schemes successful. That means many scammers prefer to target the elderly, whenever...