The Importance of a Thorough Power of Attorney

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We help families protect their assets from the costs of long term care. Often times, however, we are not working with our elderly client directly, but rather with his/her Agent under a Power of Attorney (POA). Unfortunately, we regularly see POAs that do not grant the Agent full authority because items in the General Authority and Specific Authority sections have not been initialed. This has been especially problematic since the Powers of Attorney Act was passed in 2010. As a result, the Agent does not have the authority to make gifts or create irrevocable trusts, which are both commonly necessary...

Life Insurance Basics

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Contributed by: Tony DiPietro, State Farm Insurance Agent

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a contract established during your lifetime where an amount of money (called the “death benefit”) is paid to a beneficiary (the person(s) or entity you choose to receive the money) at your death, in exchange for a premium that you pay to the insurance company during your lifetime. However, there are various types of life insurance products available, all designed to serve a particular purpose. An insurance professional can help you understand your options and make the best selection for you and your loved ones.

Your Most Important Person

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*Contributed by Marie T. Chin, Estate Planning Coordinator

“Every patient is someone’s most important person”. This was the quote on my desk calendar that I saw every day for the entire month of July. At Procino-Wells & Woodland, I am so proud to be a part of a team that sees each client as “someone’s most important person”. When someone comes into our office, they are typically dealing with preparing for death or with the recent loss of a loved one. These are incredibly difficult conversations to have and I am grateful to be part of a team that not...

Depend on Market Efficiency – Not Pundits – to Help Protect Your Portfolio

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Jeffrey D. Montgomery is the founder and president of Montgomery Financial Services LLC ( He works primarily with pre-retirees, retirees and affluent small-business owners, helping them grow, protect and distribute their financial assets.

The stock market is an amazing thing, with so many moving parts that it’s impossible to predict. So don’t even try to determine what it’s going to do next, and don’t believe people who say they can. Here’s what to do instead.

Hardly a day goes by without some self-proclaimed expert making lofty, and sometimes outrageous, predictions in the media about where the markets are heading and...

Do I Need to Name an Alternate Agent, Trustee and/or Executor?

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A basic estate plan usually includes a Last Will and Testament, a Durable Power of Attorney and an Advanced Healthcare Directive. Often at the initial consultation, we review a client’s previous estate plan and many times find that they have named only one person as agent and/or executor. This could potentially cause challenges - what if that person becomes incapacitated or passes away before you? What if your agent goes on a long trip and during that time you have a significant health emergency and need that person to act on your behalf? Also, we often find that two people...