What to Do about the New Estate Tax Exemption Limits

What to Do about the New Estate Tax Exemption Limits image

The doubling of the estate tax exemption limits recently signed into law, has important implications for many estate plans. It is a good idea to consider what you might want to do as a result.

Many people had hoped that President Trump’s tax reform bill would lead to the end of the estate tax. That proved to be too expensive for the government to include in the bill. However, the estate tax exemption limits were doubled.

While that is not as good as many wealthy families had hoped, it is still a benefit for some wealthy people. There are some...

Preserving Family Wealth

Preserving Family Wealth image

Preserving family wealth between generations requires proper estate planning. However, that may not be enough. It is also important to make sure that younger generations know what to do with the wealth.

Throughout its history, the U.S. has had many extremely wealthy citizens. Some of those citizens left vast sums to their heirs and some of those families are still wealthy and known today.

However, for a country that has had so many wealthy citizens, the U.S. seemingly has very few lasting dynasties.

We rarely hear about the descendants of wealthy people who do not have any of that wealth...

An Obscure Provision in the Tax Cut Bill

An Obscure Provision in the Tax Cut Bill image

President Trump signed tax cuts into law recently. Researchers are finding minor changes that people were unaware of before the bill was passed.

One of the consequences of recent tax reform, was that it did not give people very much time to anticipate all of the changes to the tax code before the bill was voted on, passed and signed into law. The massive bill was amended repeatedly in the last few days. As a result, very few people had the opportunity to read and comment on it.

While most of the big ticket items in the bill were known...

Long-Term Care Insurance Volatility

Long-Term Care Insurance Volatility image

Getting long-term care insurance for future nursing home expenses can be exceedingly difficult and expensive. A recent announcement by GE helps to explain why.

Nursing home costs continue to increase, as more and more people need the facilities for longer and longer periods of time. This is the result of an aging population with increasing lifespans and medical science’s ability to keep elderly people alive longer, even when they are very ill.

People do not have many options to pay for their nursing home care. The government will pay for it, if all other assets of the patient have been...

Post-Divorce Estate Planning

Post-Divorce Estate Planning image

If you have recently gotten a divorce, you most likely do not want your ex-spouse to inherit your property. Without good estate planning, the ex-spouse might still get control of the property, if you have minor children together.

Immediately after getting a divorce, most people are sick of dealing with attorneys. The last thing most of them want to do is to voluntarily have more meetings with attorneys to make changes to their estate plans.

However, it may be vital that they do so.

Getting a divorce is a significant event that should cause everyone to revisit their estate plans...