Living to 100

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Wealthy people are beginning to expect that they will personally live to be at least 100 years old. That has important implications for their planning.

Rich people have most likely always lived longer, on average than the non-wealthy and that is certainly the case today. However, even the wealthy never really live much longer after retirement age.

Nevertheless, medical science has made tremendous strides recently. People can now expect to live much longer, if they can afford the best medical treatment. Today, half of wealthy investors expect that they will live to be 100 years old, as Forbes reports in...

Wives Need to Know About the Finances

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In the last few decades, women have made tremendous strides in the workplace. However, most married women still leave financial matters to their husbands. That can be a problem in their elder years.

Women today can do almost anything in their professional lives. There are very few boundaries left that women have not been able to cross.

A few decades ago, that was not the case when husbands made the money and the important financial decisions for their families. However, despite the strides women have made professionally, in most families, it is still the husband who makes all the important...

An Occupational Living Will

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A doctor who specializes in dementia has an idea for an advanced directive. It is designed to ensure that he does not continue working, when he is no longer able to do so, as effectively as he did when he was younger.

When we think about people who suffer from dementia, we think about people who have retired. We do not often think about the people who are still working but who have started suffering from cognitive decline. However, almost everybody has likely had an older colleague at some point, who seemed to slow down and make more mistakes in...

When a Family Member Passes Away

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When a close family member passes away, there are certain steps that you should take, as soon as you possibly can.

Death can be overwhelming for the family of the deceased. On top of the grieving process itself, there are many other things which families have to deal with. There are obvious things that need to be done, such as planning a memorial and burial or cremation.

There are also legal issues with the estate that also need to be resolved and the sooner the better. Getting a handle on those legal things can be difficult.

Taking a few steps...

Your Pet's Belongings

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People are planning more for their pet’s care after the owner passes away today. They are also planning more for the personal items they have purchased for their pets.

In the last few years, stories about wealthy people who have left large sums of money in their estate plans for the care of their pets have gone from rare curiosities to commonplace. Providing money for a pet’s care in an estate plan is not just for the wealthy anymore.

Planning for pets has become an important part of many estate plans. What is still somewhat rare, however, is making special...