Americans Buying Fewer Life Insurance Policies

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Americans are purchasing far fewer life insurance policies than they did a few decades ago. The reasons for the decline are not clear.

Life insurance can be a key tool in estate planning. This is because it provides a way to provide cash to families who might need it, especially while the rest of an estate is settled in probate. Life insurance can also help equalize inheritances between children, when other estate assets are difficult to divide.

Americans are purchasing fewer policies than before. Between 1965 and 2016 the population grew by approximately 50%. However, the total number of life...

Estate Litigation Trends

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Estate litigation occurs for a variety of reasons. However, experts can often predict what types of litigation will become more popular.

At the heart of most estate litigation cases is some sort of family grievance. There are other reasons for litigating over an estate. However, family issues are by far the biggest source of conflicts. That is a timeless principle that has been true since the very beginning of estate law and it is likely to always be true.

However, the contours of how the litigation proceeds changes over time. It is useful to try and anticipate how potential battles...

Social Security Underpaying Some Claimants

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An internal government audit has found that Social Security is underpaying many widows and widowers, because it is failing to adequately inform them of their options.

One of the most important and difficult decisions people must make when they are considering retirement, is when to start taking Social Security benefits. The longer people delay taking benefits, the more they will receive per month.

To get the maximum amount of lifetime benefits, people need to factor in their life expectancy. This is difficult enough for people who are just having to decide when to take their own benefits. However, it becomes...

Medicaid and Funeral Planning

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If you want to plan in advance for your own funeral so that your family does not have to make the arrangements, one of the questions to consider is whether or not you should also pay in advance. The answer might depend on your expected Medicaid needs.

In general, it is a good idea to pre-plan your own funeral. This allows you to determine where and how your remains will be handled. It also removes a potential burden for your family, when they will be in mourning over you.

Funeral homes offer many different types of pre-planning packages that include...

Living Forever

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Some people think that scientists are not far away from creating the technology that will let human beings live forever. However, do not let that hope delay your estate planning.

Considering how many people delay getting estate plans, it might seem like the consensus is that most of us will live forever. If we never will pass away, then we will not have estates that need to be distributed after we pass away. For now, however, the idea of eternal life remains a matter of science fiction for many.

On the other hand, some people think it might not be...