Plan Ahead to Be a Caregiver

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Americans are increasingly acting as the primary caregivers for their elderly parents. This is something that they should make plans for ahead of time.

If you know you were going to have increased expenses in the future, you would be wise to plan ahead for how you will meet those expenses. This is something people do all the time. Someone who would like to buy a house, plans ahead to save the money needed for a down payment.

One future expense many Americans will face is the cost of acting as the primary caregivers for their elderly parents. Older Americans...

Where to Move in Retirement

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If you move to another state when you retire, there could be more options. Many older Americans are choosing other states to live in during their retirement years.

Traditionally, when Americans move after they retire, they choose to go to a state with a warm climate. Arizona and Florida are popular options. They have both developed the infrastructure and industries for elderly Americans to live comfortably and to get the services they need.

However, more and more retired people are choosing to move to other states. One trend is for people to move closer to their adult children, as The...

Estate Planning for Mothers

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Mothers often struggle when planning their estates. It is because they desire to provide for all of their children but come in conflict with a desire to make sure that all of their children are taken care of adequately.

Most mothers worry about their children, long after the children have grown up and moved out of the house. Wanting all their children to do well and live well, is something that never goes away. Mothers worry when anything happens that could prevent their children from living the good life.

However, most mothers also know that it is important to treat...

Things to Keep in Mind About Estate Planning

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When planning for your estate, you can get bogged down in tax issues and forget about other concerns. However, it is important to remember that there are principles at stake, other than taxes.

Estate planning is not a valueless endeavor. When people start deciding how they would like their estates divided, their decisions are ultimately an expression of their values. However, sometimes during the process, people get so focused on the tax implications of estate planning that they forget about their other values.

Recently, Nightly Business Report discussed this and some important non-tax considerations in “What you don’t...

The Most Important Decision with Wills and Trusts

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It is important to make the right decisions with your estate plan, such as whether you should use a will or a trust. One decision is even more important, and it is common.

Perhaps the single greatest divide in estate planning is between those people who use a last will as their primary estate planning tool and those who use a revocable living trust instead. Choosing between using a will or a trust has a great impact on estate plans and often on what can be done with the estate plan.

Last wills must go through probate and be subjected...