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Succession By: Amber B. Woodland, Esquire

Raise your hand if you’ve binge-watched a series on your favorite streaming service over the last 2 years? I have, and I would bet that most of us are guilty. There’s just something meditative about retreating to the mindlessness of good television. When you find an entertaining series, it’s like you’ve struck gold.

This happened to me when I clicked over to “Succession” on HBO Max. In this series, leader of his business and his family, Logan Roy, contemplates who’s best fit to take over the highly dysfunctional family dynasty. Is it his son...

Serving Those Who Serve

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Serving Those Who Serve Contributed by: Taylor R. White, Estate Planning Coordinator

Procino-Wells & Woodland takes great pride in serving the needs of our active military service members and Veterans. The men and women who serve our country hold a special place in my heart and my prayers as I have observed the sacrifice, honor, and grit they possess for this country and its citizens.

Admittedly, the last thing on my mind as my younger brother prepared for his first deployment was discussing his insufficient, ‘fill in the blank’ estate planning documents provided by the military. In a blur of...

A Good Deed is in the Details

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A Good Deed is in the Details Written by: Taylor Tallarico, Deed Preparation Coordinator

The average person will spend roughly one-third of their lives working. A 40-hour-per-week career from college graduation to retirement equates to 90,000 hours invested in a person’s occupation. I think about the examples my parents and grandparents have set for me, including the example of working hard to earn the things you want and need.

Oftentimes, those 90,000 hours earn a family the ability to purchase real estate. What begins as a house quickly transitions to a home. For many, our homes hold some of our...

Probate Vs. Non-Probate Assets

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Probate Vs. Non-Probate Assets Written by: Aubráa D. Jernigan, Estate Administration Assistant

The Last Will and Testament is a familiar legal estate planning document that allows the creator to record what should happen to her assets at her passing. This document nominates an Executor(s) to carry out her wishes, names beneficiaries to inherit assets, and includes charitable giving and nominations for legal guardians of minors, if applicable. An individual that passes away with a valid Will in place has died testate. An individual that passes away without a valid Will in place has died intestate. In both scenarios, probate is...


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Legacy Contributed by: Sherri J. Holder, Firm Manager

What comes to mind when you hear the word legacy? As an elder law firm, you’d probably expect us to say that legacy means an inheritance in the form of money or real property left through a Will. While the Book of Proverbs would agree with that definition, we think a legacy is much more intricate than that. Yet, the context of biblical stories is relevant to how we think and plan for our children and their children.

In the days of Moses, heritage was treasured and usually passed to sons. For...