Meal Options for Seniors in Delaware

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Meal Options for Seniors in Delaware Contributed by: Mira A. Prisco, 2L , Paul M. Herbert Law Center

My grandmother prepared the most delicious meals and desserts. I may be biased, but her Thanksgiving dinner was second to none. Some of my favorite memories with my grandmother involved standing at the kitchen counter helping her fix meals. When she decided she no longer wanted to cook for herself, let alone for our large family meals, I began to wonder what her nutrition would look like.

It was difficult for me to wrap my head around how my grandmother would eat...

What Do You Have to Lose?

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What Do You Have to Lose? Contributed by: Laura McCreary, Estate Planning Department Manager

Many clients come to us interested in planning ahead for the possibility of needing long-term care in the future. Their interest in this type of planning is related to the fear of long-term care costs. One of the pre-planning tools we use to plan is our Irrevocable Asset Protection Trust. When this trust is used correctly, it allows assets inside the trust to be protected from the cost of long-term care. This trust is designed by the client, also known as Grantor, and managed by the...

What is Elder Law?

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Elder Law is a specialized area of legal planning meant to guide any adult through lifetime planning, end of life planning, and asset protection planning. At the root of elder law is estate planning. What is estate planning? For many, the concept seems limited to signing a series of lengthy, legalistic documents in order to meet the goals of providing for loved ones, reducing tax liability, and avoiding probate. However, a true estate plan encompasses much more than executing the right documents.

Planning for the future can bring about overwhelming feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and the desire to avoid the...

Communications From SSA Regarding the mySocialSecurity Website

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Provided by the Social Security Administration:

Dear Colleague,

Ten years ago this May, we launched my Social Security. It started with letting people see future benefit estimates or current benefits. Over the decade, we’ve added and upgraded features to turn my Social Security into a powerful suite of online services that make your clients’ lives easier when doing business with us online.

More than 69 million people have signed up and benefited firsthand from the many secure and convenient self-service options. And they’ve used their account more than 1.1 billion times to get what they need quickly and securely without...


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Succession By: Amber B. Woodland, Esquire

Raise your hand if you’ve binge-watched a series on your favorite streaming service over the last 2 years? I have, and I would bet that most of us are guilty. There’s just something meditative about retreating to the mindlessness of good television. When you find an entertaining series, it’s like you’ve struck gold.

This happened to me when I clicked over to “Succession” on HBO Max. In this series, leader of his business and his family, Logan Roy, contemplates who’s best fit to take over the highly dysfunctional family dynasty. Is it his son...