Your Pet's Belongings

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People are planning more for their pet’s care after the owner passes away today. They are also planning more for the personal items they have purchased for their pets.

In the last few years, stories about wealthy people who have left large sums of money in their estate plans for the care of their pets have gone from rare curiosities to commonplace. Providing money for a pet’s care in an estate plan is not just for the wealthy anymore.

Planning for pets has become an important part of many estate plans. What is still somewhat rare, however, is making special...

Have Your Plans Changed?

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There is a very simple way to know when you should make changes to your estate plan.

When you create an estate plan, the attorney who drafted it for you, will likely remind you to review the estate plan from time to time and make changes. This often prompts clients to ask exactly when they need to do that. The common answer is that you should review and make changes to your plan, whenever you have a significant change in life circumstances.

That is the legally appropriate answer. However, the answer also invites questions about what constitutes a significant change...

Estate Planning for Regular People

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Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. People of more modest means can also benefit from it. It does not have to be difficult.

When you start talking to people about planning their estates, they often respond in a similar way. It goes something like this: “I am not rich. I am a regular guy and do not have very much. There is no reason for me to go through the difficult process of getting an estate plan. My family will work everything out after I pass away.”

The assumptions being made here are that estate planning is difficult...

Sundown Syndrome

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People who suffer from dementia often act differently at different times of the day. It is common for many to get worse near sundown.

If you use an alarm clock to wake up at the same time every day, you may reach a point where you do not really need the clock. Instead, you may sometimes wake up just before the alarm normally goes off. If you forget to set the alarm, you will often wake up at about the same time as well.

This can happen even if you went to bed much later than normal the previous night....

A New Definition for Alzheimer's

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By changing how they define Alzheimer’s Disease, scientists hope they can better understand how it works and possibly find new treatments.

Some diseases are very easy to define, especially when it involves something physical. For example, chicken pox is defined by the presence of the active virus in your bloodstream and the physical marks associated with the disease.

Other diseases are defined by the presence of certain symptoms, such as various mental health diseases and Alzheimer’s is one of the latter. It is defined by people who have certain symptoms.

Some scientists would like to change that for research purposes...