When There Are More Seniors Than Caregivers

When There Are More Seniors Than Caregivers image

It is possible that a growing elderly population in the U.S., could lead to a shortage of caregivers available to assist the elderly.

A couple of very large problems are looming on the horizon for the U.S., because of an increasingly aging population that is living longer on average than previous generations. These looming problems include not having enough trained caregivers to assist the aging populace and coming up with the money to properly care for seniors.

We know that both these things could potentially be a problem and we do not know what will happen, if the issues are...

The Path of Least Resistance for Scammers

The Path of Least Resistance for Scammers image

Criminal scammers like to target seniors because they are often easier for them to fool.

Most people have probably been the victim of a scam of some sort. Even if it was a benign scam, like someone tricking us into believing something that is false, it still counts as being scammed. Anyone can be the victim of a scam.

However, when unscrupulous people try to scam others with criminal intent, usually out of money, then such criminals prefer to take the path of least resistance to make their schemes successful. That means many scammers prefer to target the elderly, whenever...

Your Kids Do Not Want That

Your Kids Do Not Want That image

If you look around your home, you can probably find a lot of items that are precious to you that your kids would prefer not to receive as part of their inheritances.

One of the smaller but significant mistakes in estate planning is when parents make assumptions about what items of personal property their children might like to inherit. For example, a parent might have collectible plates that have been purchased through the years, but the children might not have any interest in them.

Why? Perhaps many other people have the same plates, making the plates not worth very much...

John Mahoney's Estate

John Mahoney's Estate image

Actor John Mahoney recently passed away while in hospice care. He left behind an estate that is worth millions, with many possible heirs.

Actor John Mahoney had a long and distinguished career as an actor in a variety of roles. He was best known for his award-winning work on the TV show Frasier, in which he played the main character’s elderly father.

He passed away recently at a hospice, while suffering from a variety of illnesses. Friends, former co-workers and fans have shown an immense amount of grief over the loss.

One friend recently petitioned a court to open a...

When to Update Your Will

One of the most important things that you need to know if you have a will, is when to review and make changes.

It is likely that you will experience many changes in your life throughout your adult years. Those changes will not only be personal, such as getting married and having children, but also financial, such as getting a promotion or changing jobs for greater income. The various changes in your life make it likely that you will want to adjust how you distribute your estate.

Your life can look radically different at age 70 compared to when you...