John Mahoney's Estate

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Actor John Mahoney recently passed away while in hospice care. He left behind an estate that is worth millions, with many possible heirs.

Actor John Mahoney had a long and distinguished career as an actor in a variety of roles. He was best known for his award-winning work on the TV show Frasier, in which he played the main character’s elderly father.

He passed away recently at a hospice, while suffering from a variety of illnesses. Friends, former co-workers and fans have shown an immense amount of grief over the loss.

One friend recently petitioned a court to open a...

When to Update Your Will

One of the most important things that you need to know if you have a will, is when to review and make changes.

It is likely that you will experience many changes in your life throughout your adult years. Those changes will not only be personal, such as getting married and having children, but also financial, such as getting a promotion or changing jobs for greater income. The various changes in your life make it likely that you will want to adjust how you distribute your estate.

Your life can look radically different at age 70 compared to when you...

Planning for Unique Assets

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Estate planning for assets that are unique, such as antiques, artwork or collectibles requires special attention and care.

When planning for your estate it is important to know the value of your assets. That way you can make sure everything is distributed between your family members in the proportions you want.

The value is easy to determine for financial accounts. It is also easy for things that are routinely bought and sold in open markets such as cars. However, there are many other items in your estate that are more difficult to value.

Artwork, for example, normally does not receive...

Reasons to Review Your Estate Plan

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Even if the recent tax law changes do not change the impact of the estate tax on your estate, there are other reasons to review your estate plan now.

Much of the estate planning talk about the recent large tax law changes has focused on the implications of the changes to the estate tax and the possibility of their rollback in a few years. Families that might be affected by those changes, are being advised to revisit their estate plans.

Unfortunately, the focus on that single issue might make people not affected by the estate tax think they have no...

Cryptocurrency Estate Planning Difficulties

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Despite high volatility and cautions from financial advisors, cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity. That can make estate planning difficult.

Most financial advisors surveyed on the subject, say they would advise their clients not to invest in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The markets for these and other digital currencies are extremely volatile and subject investors to substantial risk.

For many people, the volatility is attractive because there is a chance for a great reward. Therefore, cryptocurrencies are increasingly popular but they are choosing to deal with an issue discussed by the Financial Standard in “Crypto assets...