Your Family Might Not Want Your Stuff

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Your Family Might Not Want Your Stuff Contributed by: Mindi K. Cooper, Estate Planning Coordinator

A few months ago, my family and I were visiting my 92-year-old great-grandmother. Her health had started to decline, and we wanted to spend some time with her while we still had the chance.

Mommom Jeanne was an interesting lady and loved all things fashion. She worked for Strawbridge and Clothier Department store in the shoe department and always had the trendiest new shoes. While we were visiting, Mommom insisted that I look through her closet and that I could have anything I wanted. I...

Acute Rehab versus SNF

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Acute Rehab vs. SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) Contributed by: PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Dover, A Post Acute Medical Hospital

What is the difference between Acute Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing care?

Following hospitalization for a serious illness or injury, you may face a decision on whether to continue your recovery at an inpatient rehabilitation hospital or a skilled nursing facility. Understanding the difference between these two levels of care is crucial during the post-acute planning phase, as it can determine whetehr or not you maximize your medical and functional long-term recovery.

The high level of hospital care given in the acute...

A Medical Alert Device Can Promote Safety, Independence and Peace of Mind

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A Medical Alert Device Can Promote Safety, Independence and Peace of Mind Contributed by SeaCure Solutions

About the Company

SeaCure Solutions derives its name from our coastal surrounding and commitment to peace of mind through safety and security initiatives. The company specializes in Personal Emergency Response Systems, also known as Medical Alert Devices and other risk management strategies to support senior populations, lone workers such as realtors, children, and anyone with special needs. Medical alert systems cost less than $1.00 a day and can be covered in part by Medicaid and/or medical insurance.

So, what is a medical alert or...

Managing Medications

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Managing Medications Contributed by: Danielle Marvel, Elder Law Department Manager

Last year I unexpectedly lost my mother. It was quickly apparent that my father didn’t only lose his loving wife, but also his life manager. Among many other tasks, she managed the household bills, doctor’s appointments, and my father’s medications. My father needed help with all the tasks my mother previously managed, and I needed to help him while living under a different roof and maintaining my own responsibilities.

Mine are challenges that many family caregivers face. Of the things caregivers help with, managing medications can often be the most...

Beware of Senior Scams!

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Beware of Senior Scams! Contributed by: ElderCounsel Newsletter, March 2021

There are many, many good people in the world. Some strangers would give you the shirt off their back, folks who volunteer their time to help others in need, and those who hold the door open for you as you are entering a store. Especially in our tumultuous times, it is important to be kind and generous to our fellow neighbors. However, with the good must come the bad. There are scammers out there who prey on various populations, usually ones who are more vulnerable. Beware of senior scams!