Bill Gates to Fund Alzheimer's Research

Bill Gates to Fund Alzheimer's Research image

Bill Gates has called for a new approach to combating Alzheimer’s disease and announced that he is contributing money to the cause.

It is a well-established fact among researchers: the earlier that Alzheimer’s disease can be detected and diagnosed, the better it is for the patient.

It is possible to slow the pace of the disease somewhat, if detected early enough. Early detection also gives patients time to adapt and make plans for how they will handle the disease. These plans include getting legal paperwork, like powers of attorney and estate plans, in place while they still can.

However, figuring...

Swiss Court Refuses to Recognize Egyptian Inheritance Decision

Swiss Court Refuses to Recognize Egyptian Inheritance Decision image

As the world becomes more globalized, courts are having to sort out sometimes messy conflicts between the estate laws of different cultures. A recent example comes out of Switzerland.

More and more people today are interacting and marrying people from different countries and cultures. They also are choosing to hold their assets in nations, where they do not live.

All of this can create problems when the laws of one nation conflict with the policies of another.

Recently, a court in Switzerland was asked to recognize a receipt of inheritance decision made by a court in Egypt, under its version...

How Much to Save for Retirement?

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People would like to know how much money they need to have in their accounts, before they can consider retiring. That is not always an easy question to answer.

How much folks need to save for retirement depends on several different factors. One important factor is what they plan to do during retirement.

For example, people who would like to take a lot of vacations will likely need to have more money than those who are not interested in doing that.

One large retirement nest egg number that gets thrown around a lot is $1 million. It is a nice...

Proper for Removed Trustee not to Turn Over Assets

Proper for Removed Trustee not to Turn Over Assets image

If a trustee is removed from his or her duties, the former trustee usually turns over any assets he holds to the new trustee as quickly as possible. However, there are exceptions to that rule.

Marsha Sinzheimer and her late husband had created a trust for her benefit. The trust documents required that there should be co-trustees, one a corporate trustee and one an individual trustee.

Sinzheimer’s son Andrew was appointed to take over as the individual trustee. However, before the former individual trustee stepped down, he exercised his authority to remove the corporate trustee and did not name another...