Managing Medications

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Managing Medications Contributed by: Danielle Marvel, Elder Law Department Manager

Last year I unexpectedly lost my mother. It was quickly apparent that my father didn’t only lose his loving wife, but also his life manager. Among many other tasks, she managed the household bills, doctor’s appointments, and my father’s medications. My father needed help with all the tasks my mother previously managed, and I needed to help him while living under a different roof and maintaining my own responsibilities.

Mine are challenges that many family caregivers face. Of the things caregivers help with, managing medications can often be the most...

Beware of Senior Scams!

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Beware of Senior Scams! Contributed by: ElderCounsel Newsletter, March 2021

There are many, many good people in the world. Some strangers would give you the shirt off their back, folks who volunteer their time to help others in need, and those who hold the door open for you as you are entering a store. Especially in our tumultuous times, it is important to be kind and generous to our fellow neighbors. However, with the good must come the bad. There are scammers out there who prey on various populations, usually ones who are more vulnerable. Beware of senior scams!


Aging In Place

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Contributed by: Procino-Wells & Woodland, LLC

How is Aging in Place different than what I’m doing now?

“Aging in Place” has become a coined phrase in the healthcare industry, pointing to several solutions that when used together, help seniors live safely, independently and comfortably. Notably in our experience is the use of professional aging in place specialists. These professionals are sometimes referred to as “Elder Care Managers”, “Geriatric Case Managers”, “Aging in Place Specialists”, etc., but despite the title, intend to offer the same service of routinely evaluating the senior’s daily activities, behaviors, and changes in health. Their observations of...

Planning for Four-Legged Family Members

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Planning for Four-legged Family Members By: Taylor R. White, Estate Planning Coordinator

We often consider our pets more than just furry friends, but our four-legged family members. While we have many important people in our busy lives, our pets only have us. It’s imperative to consider how to provide for them in the event of unforeseen circumstances through your estate planning- just as you would for your human family members.

The Who, What and Where- Be sure to consider who will ultimately care for your pets and how they will be cared for. Remember, you have options- this person could...

Qualifying for Tax Breaks for a Dependent Parent

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Qualifying for Tax Breaks for a Dependent Parent Contributed by PKS & Company, P.A.

For many families, the tables may turn, and adult children provide financial support for their parents. For example, you might have moved your in-laws from a long-term care facility into your home during the pandemic for safety and convenience. Or your widowed father might still live in his own home, but his pension might not be enough to cover his living expenses, so you pay his rent and substantial medical costs.

If you pay over half the cost of supporting a parent — regardless of...