Let's Talk About Shoes

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Let’s Talk About Shoes

Contributed by: Amy Clark, BSN, RN, CDP, Clinical Director at Silver Lining Home Healthcare

Our feet take a beating, and as we age, there are many changes in our feet that affect what shoes we can wear. As the foot ages, the arches fall, the fat pads go away, and we get bunions and corns and hammertoes. Many people suffer from plantar fasciitis, poor circulation, thick toenails, and loss of sensation in their feet. All of these foot problems can make you want to throw away your fashionable shoes and opt for what some might...

Something Worth Protecting

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Something Worth Protecting Contributed by: Taylor White, Estate Planning Coordinator

As far back as I can remember, I was taught the value of hard work, the value of a dollar, and the value of integrity. Those values have grown in importance as I age. Most of us will work hard to provide for ourselves and, maybe even our loved ones, for the majority of our adult lives. Most of us hope to realize that true success and fulfillment is about living a great lifestyle. It’s about being healthy, spending time with the right people, enjoying the moment and experiencing a...

Becoming Your Parent’s Caregiver: Relationship Tips for Adult Children

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Becoming Your Parent’s Caregiver: Relationship Tips for Adult Children Contributed by Delaware Hospice

Human nature dictates that we often experience child-parent struggles. The blurring of identities as our parents advance in age and we become their caregivers frequently intensifies these struggles. This can create tremendous strain on our ability to manage the day-to-day stresses of these new roles. But there are some relatively simple ways to handle the changes in your relationship with your parents and make the transition easier on you both.

Stop and count to 10

Simply stopping and counting to 10 before responding to your parent...

Do You Have a Blind Spot?

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Do You Have a Blind Spot? Contributed by: Marie T. Chin, Asset Alignment Coordinator

We are passionate about creating estate plans that work. You might think that having an estate plan that works requires a relationship with an estate planning firm, or a stack of thorough and up to date estate planning documents, and although that’s all true, what is equally if not more important is maintaining accurate financial records of assets with your estate planning firm.

When we introduce this coaching, we often hear feedback to the tune of, ‘I already have a financial advisor.’ We completely understand, and...

Love Your Pet! It's Pet Dental Health Month!

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Love Your Pet! It’s Pet Dental Health Month By Dr. Sandra J. Platt, DVM Contributed by Vital Magazine,

February is a very special month for veterinary medicine – it’s Pet Dental Health Month! The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats have some kind of oral disease by the age of three, although some experts believe it’s actually much higher. No one debates that it’s one of the most common problems faced by our four-legged family members, though. One thing that has become more apparent with increased understanding of pet health...