Snack Mix Recipe

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On a recent evening, our team was together for a dual baby shower. That’s right- the PWW team is growing by four feet this fall! Part of the festivities included delicious snacks, but one snack in particular caught everyone’s attention: The Ranch Snack Mix. We hope your family might enjoy this treat over the weekend while everyone recharges from the first week back to fall routines.

Ranch Snack Mix Erin Dukes, Estate Planning & Administration Coordinator

¾ cup vegetable oil 1 packet dry ranch dressing mix 1 9oz. package oyster crackers 1 11.5 oz. box reduced fat Cheez-its 8 oz....

You Can Never Really Predict Where We'll Go Next

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Contributed by: Erin A. Dukes, Estate Planning & Administration Coordinator. Written in 2016 and still true today.

Dedicating several years of your career to one company is quite the feat in today’s society. I’ve been with Procino-Wells & Woodland, LLC for ten years now, and as I celebrate this milestone, I find myself reflecting back on how different things look here today than they did all those years ago. Michele hired me straight out of college. I wore a suit to my interview and anticipated being greeted by a stuffy attorney who would likely be condescending towards someone so young...

Midyear Tax Planning Ideas for Individuals

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The summer months are a good time to consider some ideas that will help cut your tax bill for the current year and minimize future taxes.

Gift Taxable Investments vs. Cash

Are you feeling generous? As you review your investment accounts for winners and losers, consider the optimal type of gifts to give your favorite relatives and/or charities.

Gifts to relatives. Instead of making cash gifts, give your loved ones taxable investments that have appreciated in value. If your relatives are in lower federal tax brackets, they’ll pay lower tax rates than you’d pay if you sold the same shares.

Nanticoke, McCready and Peninsula Regional: Partners in Health

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A Message From the President, HealthFocus Summer 2019 Steve Leonard, Ph.D., MBA, FACHE, President/CEO Peninsula Regional Health System, Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Nanticoke, McCready and Peninsula Regional: Partners in Health

Steve Rose, President and CEO of Nanticoke Health Services, said it perfectly six months ago, announcing to his Sussex County team about choosing to affiliate with the Peninsula Regional Health System: “We share a similar culture and commitment to community. Combined, our two organizations will create a strong healthcare system for the Delmarva Peninsula.”

Similarly, Kathleen Harrison, CEO of McCready Health, said a little over a year ago when announcing...

When It's Time to Take the Keys Away

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(ARA) - How would you react if you were sitting in the back seat, one of your parents were driving, and they became slightly confused when it came time to take an exit? Or if they brushed a curb while driving down the road?

Most people wouldn’t consider either situation alarming, but what if your loved one got lost on the way to the grocery store or some other place they had been to dozens of times before?

It happened to 84-year-old “Mary” of Charlotte, N.C., about two years ago. She was supposed to drive herself to a dentist appointment,...