Delaware's Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund

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Traumatic Brain Injury Support Information provided by: Brain Injury Association of Delaware

Did you know that there is a Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund in the State of Delaware? In July 2013, the General Assembly allocated funding to the State Council for Persons with Disabilities to administer a Brain Injury Trust Fund. This fund has helped many individuals receive services that have improved their quality of life and increase their independence.

Covered services under the Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund may include the following (not covered under DHSS Medicaid Programs): • Home and Environmental Modifications • Driver Rehabilitation • Service Dog Acquisition and Support • Assistive Technology • Short-term attendant services not covered under other funding sources • Medically approved summer day camps • Other services approved by the TBI Fund Committee

There are eligibility requirements for the fund. Not only do applicants need to complete an application and, but they must also meet the following requirements: • Must be a Delaware resident • Must provide a denial of service letter from the existing insurance carrier • Must have medical documentation of a brain injury o What type of documentation you ask? Documentation may include but is not limited to:  Recent treatment notes  Neurological examination  Neuropsychological evaluation  Neuroimaging  Letter of diagnosis from Medical Provider (MD/DO)

Many Delawareans are unaware that the TBI Fund exists, it’s time to change that. If you or someone you know would like more information about the Traumatic Brain Injury Fund, please contact Director John McNeal at the State Council for Persons with Disabilities. His phone number is (302) 739-3620 or email or It’s time to help those affected by a traumatic brain injury start living with an increased quality of life and independence.