Let's Talk About Shoes

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Let’s Talk About Shoes

Contributed by: Amy Clark, BSN, RN, CDP, Clinical Director at Silver Lining Home Healthcare


Our feet take a beating, and as we age, there are many changes in our feet that affect what shoes we can wear. As the foot ages, the arches fall, the fat pads go away, and we get bunions and corns and hammertoes. Many people suffer from plantar fasciitis, poor circulation, thick toenails, and loss of sensation in their feet. All of these foot problems can make you want to throw away your fashionable shoes and opt for what some might call “old people’’ shoes! But there are so many wonderful options available that are both functional and stylish.

What should you look for in a shoe? Always look for something that is sturdy and well made. A non-slip sole is crucial to help avoid falls. Shoes that slide on or have velcro will help you avoid tripping on shoestrings. The shoe you choose should not be too tight as this can cause pressure injuries and pain. The shoe should also not be too loose. Loose shoes can cause falls and injuries. There are many options for shoes to help with any foot problem. For those with issues putting on their shoes, there are a few companies that offer “easy on” shoes. Check out Kiziks and Zeba Shoes. These shoes are wonderful for people with Parkinson’s and with limited mobility. They are also easier for caregivers to put on for people who can’t put on their own shoes. If you are a diabetic, speak with your podiatrist about what shoes will be best for you. Diabetic patients often need extra care when buying shoes and monitoring their feet.

Take the time to research what shoes will be best for you. Summer is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to show off your shoes!

Amy Clark, BSN, RN, CDP Clinical Director