Love Is Not Just for the Young

Love Is Not Just for the Young article image

It is common for elderly people to fall in love and want to get married. As part of the process, they need to make more plans than younger couples.

A common image of the elderly is to see them as past the years to fall in love. Could seniors meet someone new, fall in love and get married? In movies and on TV, elderly people who do fall in love are typically played off for laughs or presented as being under the spell of someone much younger who wants their money.

In real life, it is not unusual for seniors to meet each other, fall in love and get married. Sometimes couples meet in the nursing homes where they live. The only difference between young couples and elderly couples is that the elderly may need to do more planning before they get remarried, as Wealth Management explains in “Never Too Old for Love.”

The main thing every elderly couple getting married needs is to understand, is that every state has default rules for how spouses must be treated in an estate plan and in medical decision-making. This means that any current estate plans need to be reviewed and changed to account for what the couple would like to do with their estates. Advanced medical directives and powers of attorney might also need changing as well.

Elderly people can and do fall in love with each other and get married just like anyone else. Life does not end when people reach a certain age. However, everyone who does get married later in life, needs to make sure that they do the appropriate planning.

Reference: Wealth Management (May 1, 2018) “Never Too Old for Love.”