Use Your Estate Plan to Plan for Your Pets

Use Your Estate Plan to Plan for Your Pets article image

Hello. Bella here. If we haven’t yet been introduced, I’m the Chief Content Contributor for the Procino-Wells & Woodland, LLC quarterly newsletter. Also, and more importantly, four legged queen of the Wells’ home. I just left a spa day with my girlfriend Phoebe and she had the nerve to ask me who her humans should hire to create their estate plan. Like, hello, the Dremel isn’t so loud that you’ve never heard me talk about what my mom does for a living. Ugh. She gets my bandana in such a wad. I’ve told her before. Your human’s estate plan shouldn’t just make arrangements for the house and grandma’s piano. Four legged children need a plan too.

For starters, your humans will want to determine the best caretaker in the event of their absence. This could be a close family member, friend, or professional. Your humans should discuss their wishes with the chosen caretaker to ensure they agree to the responsibility. And if we’re being honest, the standards. I’m no Milk-Bone kind of girl.

Then they should put the plan in writing. Consider a Will or a Trust, for example. These tools dispose of your human’s property, per their wishes, at their death. Not only can these tools direct where the checking account goes, or who inherits the jet ski, but can also direct the plans they have made for you, their four-legged princess. Obviously, you are the star of this show, but it can’t hurt anything for your humans to maximize the benefits of their plan, like avoiding probate or thinking about asset protection planning. My Michele and her team can tell your humans all about the best legal tools to put your wishes in writing.

And while we are talking about it, it’s wise to remind your humans before their appointment with the attorney of just who their favorite really is. Take my house for example- I’ve never made the mess that even one of those boys have made, never broken curfew, and never forgotten my homework at home. Gee, maybe my humans should even consider me as their Power of Attorney.