What is Elder Law?

What is Elder Law? article image

Elder Law is a specialized area of legal planning meant to guide any adult through lifetime planning, end of life planning, and asset protection planning. At the root of elder law is estate planning. What is estate planning? For many, the concept seems limited to signing a series of lengthy, legalistic documents in order to meet the goals of providing for loved ones, reducing tax liability, and avoiding probate. However, a true estate plan encompasses much more than executing the right documents.

Planning for the future can bring about overwhelming feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and the desire to avoid the topic all together. However, working with the right team of professionals, engaging in productive communication, and taking the process one step at a time can help ensure a positive and goal-oriented outcome while making these necessary arrangements. Additionally, the sooner a family takes action, the more legal planning opportunities they may have to succeed in meeting their goals.

How do we identify the best legal professionals in this specialty of law? Consider the questions below. The elder law firm that can answer these questions without hesitation may prove to be a great fit for your needs.


  1. Does your firm focus only on this area of the law?
  2. Are you a solo practice or do you have a team of professionals working on my case? What steps/process will I follow? Who will be my point of contact?
  3. Do you offer educational events in my local community?
  4. What steps do you take to remain up-to-date on current state and federal law, and Medicaid rules?
  5. What kinds of planning strategies do you use to shelter assets?
  6. What protections are offered to the healthy spouse?
  7. What is the likely outcome of my case based on the facts I have shared with you?
  8. Are fees computed on a flat or hourly rate and how often does the attorney bill? Does the pricing I have been quoted include the funding of my Trust?
  9. What is your success rate of avoiding probate when a client passes?
  10. Do you offer an Estate Planning Maintenance Program?

Procino-Wells & Woodland, LLC is a local estate planning and elder law firm with offices in Lewes and Seaford, DE and serves families from both Delaware and Maryland. Michele Procino-Wells and Amber B. Woodland specialize in only this area of the law and constantly increase their knowledge through training to remain well versed in the newest planning opportunities and changes to the state and federal laws. The staff of fifteen+ take a team approach to each client’s case under direct advisement of the attorneys. Clients can expect fixed fee billing that is proposed upfront during the non-attorney initial consultation and accompanies a specific scope of work for the services that will accomplish that client’s goals. The firm uses a robust line of virtual platforms to accommodate families who prefer not to meet in person, for any reason. You may learn more about their firm by visiting the website, www.pwwlaw.com, and be sure to click on the Upcoming Events tab where they offer a number of free community educational events.