When The Bones Are Good

When The Bones Are Good article image

Contributed by: Taylor R. DuVall, Estate Planning Coordinator

Last week as I passed my one year anniversary of working at Procino-Wells & Woodland, I was reminded of my interview with Sherri, our Firm Manager. I knew from the moment she discussed the firm’s values that these were the kind of people I wanted to work for. My first interview didn’t lead to a job offer; the timing wasn’t right for the firm to make a new hire of anyone. However, my impression of the firm from that first interview was lasting. At the time, I would have used different words to describe the firm in a glowing way. Now, I know that it was the firm’s pillars- their good bones- that had captured my attention.

Family focus: We treat every client with the same admiration, compassion and respect that we would demand for our own families. It is easy for us to relay the feelings that come naturally toward our own families to the clients we serve every day. As a boutique firm focusing and practicing solely within the realm of Elder Law, we have found our niche and are proud to keep family at the center of everything we do.

Extraordinary quality: We are committed to creating estate plans that work. By taking on that challenge, we understand the follow through that is a necessity to ensuring the plan works the way it is intended. By offering continued review and alignment services, we are prepared to see you and your loved ones through what comes next. Our process is a journey that begins with getting to know our clients and their wishes and extends far beyond the signing of documents.

Exceptional service: Customer service is a true test of a company’s competence. As a firm, we are constantly looking beyond the services we provide in order to develop relationships with our clients and their families that last. From the first time you enter one of our offices, you are greeted by a comforting, smiling face and you will continue to be guided by other team members with that same attitude. In addition to the comforting aurora you will find within our offices, we are also dedicated to our communities outside of the office. You can find our attorneys and team members volunteering their time and knowledge at workshops, events and conferences throughout Delaware and Maryland. We feel strongly about our duty to educate and serve our communities.

Team centered: Our team centered approach allows our clients to get to know and work with multiple members of our team, which allows for highly personalized, efficient customer service. Each member of our team is an integral piece of the well-oiled machine and outstanding product we are able to deliver to our clients. It is due to this team mentality that we are equipped to serve the various needs of our clients.

With these pillars consistently at the forefront of our minds, it is our hope that our clients can feel them. Our Asset Alignment Coordinator, Marie Chin, has a quote on her desk that reads, “Every client is someone’s most important person.” As someone whose life revolves around my family, I take pride in working with a team that values treating our clients as we would expect our own family to be treated.

Times, methods, laws and technology may change, but the bones of this business will always stay the same. Bone by bone, Procino-Wells & Woodland, LLC has been built over the course of 15 years and will continue to be driven by the ultimate goal to better serve our community. When the bones are good, everything will continue to fall into place. Procino-Wells and Woodland has great bones, and then some.