When There Are More Seniors Than Caregivers

When There Are More Seniors Than Caregivers article image

It is possible that a growing elderly population in the U.S., could lead to a shortage of caregivers available to assist the elderly.

A couple of very large problems are looming on the horizon for the U.S., because of an increasingly aging population that is living longer on average than previous generations. These looming problems include not having enough trained caregivers to assist the aging populace and coming up with the money to properly care for seniors.

We know that both these things could potentially be a problem and we do not know what will happen, if the issues are not addressed before they become problems. However, other countries are already starting to have these problems with their aging populations.

One such country is Japan. It has witnessed a strange result from the problems, as Quartz reports in “Nearly 20% of women inmates in Japan’s prisons are seniors.”

About one-quarter of elderly Japanese women are living in poverty. To get enough to eat and to have shelter, they are turning to minor crimes such as shoplifting so they will get arrested and go to jail. In jail, they have beds and are served three meals a day.

This phenomenon of sorts forces Japan to deal with their aging population and the lack of caregivers by spending money to provide the care in prison, instead of on the outside. The government hopes to eventually be able to use robots to provide care for its elderly population, instead of having them commit crimes to get care.

Reference: Quartz (March 18, 2018) “Nearly 20% of women inmates in Japan’s prisons are seniors.”