Our History

History of the Offices


Procino-Wells & Woodland, LLC is located on the corner of High and Cannon Streets in downtown Seaford, Delaware in a fully renovated, handicap accessible house which is over 130 years old. The house has an interesting history.

Sussex County land records show the Seaford property being conveyed from the Sussex County Sheriff to Robert Ellengood on November 10, 1896. Mr. Ellengood passed away and at his death, the property passed to his three sons, Joshua, Robert and Seth. They sold the property to a single woman from Philadelphia, Mary Fisher, on October 13, 1902.

The City of Seaford’s records show that the house was originally constructed in 1880. The 1902 deed to Miss Fisher described the property as containing a “two story framed dwelling.” Interestingly though the house is actually three stories with a full basement.

On March 13, 1908, Mary Fisher deeded the property to George Huston of Seaford. He passed away in 1936 and left the property to his wife, Sallie Huston. Mrs. Huston died in 1953 and left the home to her daughter, Agnes Huston. Agnes passed away in 1983. The Bank of Delaware was the executor of Agnes’ estate and sold the property to David Karl Mayer from Dewey Beach, Delaware on February 7, 1984. Reportedly, Mr. Mayer operated an antiques business on the first floor of the house.

Mr. Mayer later sold the property to Philip and Cynthia Fitzsimmons of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania on May 23, 1989. Initially, the Fitzsimmons also operated an antiques store on the first floor, but Mrs. Fitzsimmons later opened a preschool for 3 & 4 year old children. The school was named “Riverview Preschool.”

Michele Procino-Wells’ son, Joshua, attended the preschool in 2004 and 2005. In fact, Joshua was a member of the last “graduating class” of the preschool in June 2005. After the Fitzsimmons closed the school in 2005, Michele purchased the property from them on January 25, 2006.

After months of planning and obtaining the necessary approvals, permits and financing, renovations to the property began in the fall of 2006. Renovations were completed and the firm moved into the newly renovated building on May 10, 2007.

Originally, our Lewes office on Savannah Road was a residential home. After a lengthy renovation experience in 2019, the home was ready to be used as a commercial space. Today, the PWW team enjoys the home’s character and comfort, most of which was kept in tact during the transition to a business office.

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