Why Choose PWW Law?

The Estate Planning Team at Procino-Wells & Woodland, LLC

Like you, we recognize the value in our clients having a team of experts helping them to meet their goals. We work closely with our client’s trusted professionals to ensure that we take a team approach and provide our mutual clients with the most comprehensive, effective, and forward thinking estate plan.

Our Approach

Supporting our intent to meet each client’s unique goals, we request each new client complete a short information form provided within our welcome package and return it to our office prior to the initial consultation. This step encourages the client to revisit their financial information and consider their primary goals before our meeting, and allows our staff to familiarize themselves with the information and prepare for a productive first meeting.

The initial consultation is intended to grow our understanding of the client. Additionally, we will identify legal tools that will help the client meet their goals, explain the process we will follow to complete the scope of work, and quote a flat fee for the services, rather than hourly billing. Upon agreeing to work with our firm, we will help the client schedule their next meeting with our attorney for a Decisions meeting to express their wishes.

During a client’s Decisions meeting our attorneys are focused on the client’s wishes and exploring all legal ways to document those wishes. Our years of experience and thorough approach to this conversation will ensure that a client has considered all perspectives of their planning.

We dedicate a significant amount of time to the signing of the documents to allow us to explain each section of the plan, and answer any questions that have come up in the process. Once a client’s estate plan is signed, we work directly with our clients and their team of professionals to ensure proper asset alignment.

Asset alignment is essential in the success of an estate plan. Our process includes this service and continues to be a team approach through this phase of the planning. We aim to guide each client through the steps that must be taken to retitle assets, update beneficiary designations and assign personal property.

Our caring continues beyond this step as our clients electively enroll in our CARES program. Enrollment is intended to provide the opportunity for our firm to support our clients when their lives change, because it is often times a matter of when life changes, not ‘if’. As a CARES participant our clients receive continuous alignment of assets, an annual asset-folio, review of their estate plan, and access to regular education for themselves and their family. We might be known to have a little fun too!

CARES Program

Joint Marketing/Client Education

We love educating our community. If we can help you by speaking to your clients or prospects about estate planning and elder law issues we would be happy to schedule an event.

Our community can regularly find us hosting complimentary workshops in local spaces like libraries, churches and meeting rooms. These are good opportunities for clients to meet us in a less intimate setting, learn about our focus on elder law services, and become familiar with our style and approach to planning.