Senior Centers


Research finds that one of the most important things older adults can do to remain happy and healthy long-term is to engage with others on a regular basis. Some older adults feel that their quality of life is greater when they’ve created an active schedule for themselves, but sometimes the activities they are interested in feel inaccessible without support, or no longer interesting without companionship. Remaining active can also assist in managing or delaying the onset of chronic disease. Senior centers provide an opportunity to remain engaged with other adults with similar interests.

A senior center is a type of community program where older adults gather to participate in organized activities with others. The camaraderie experienced by attendees fulfills many social, physical, and emotional needs. In our area there are many senior centers that older adults can explore. Participants should expect each center to have a different focus, calendar of activities and level of engagement, prompting curious older adults to explore a variety of senior centers before deciding which one (or few) suits them best.

Some of the activities provided at these centers include education workshops, card and board games, exercise classes, Bingo, gardening, live music, computer and electronic use, off site field trips, and arts and crafts like quilting, jewelry making, and pottery. It’s common for senior centers to offer one or more meals throughout the day, too.

Membership and associated fees vary, but most are affordable options.

Older adults can also benefit from local community calendars that outline social activities happening throughout the month. Local newspapers and libraries are just a couple examples of places to learn more about upcoming events and activities to help older adults remain active and engaged in their community.

Visit the files in this post to find a list of Sussex and Kent County Delaware Senior Centers. Know of one we missed? Email Meagan at