Sherri J. Holder

Sherri Holder is a multifaceted professional with over two decades of experience in various capacities.  With a background in management, supervision, and professional development, she has a proven track record of cultivating talent and maximizing team potential.  Her expertise extends to areas such as customer relations, satisfaction, and retention, where she excels in fostering meaningful connections and driving long-term loyalty.

Outside the professional sphere, Sherri finds immense joy in her role as a grandmother to three precious children, whom she adores.  Guided by a deep sense of stewardship for the world they will inherit, she is committed to preserving a sustainable environment for future generations.  When not immersed in her professional or familial pursuits, Sherri enjoys immersing herself in the pages of a good book, savoring moments of tranquility on the beach, and embarking on memorable adventures with dear friends.