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Friends Are Great at Every Age

Some older adults forget to make time for social activities, or don’t yet realize how important those activities are to their overall wellness. Weakness, early stages of dementia, medical conditions, or even loss of friends their own age may make spontaneous activities difficult and could potentially lead to loneliness, depression, falls, or wandering. If you or a loved one are experiencing these challenges, perhaps enrolling in an Adult Day Center could be a solution.

Adult Day Centers, also known as Adult Day Care or Senior Day Centers, are facilities that generally operate Monday through...

Senior Centers

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Research finds that one of the most important things older adults can do to remain happy and healthy long-term is to engage with others on a regular basis. Some older adults feel that their quality of life is greater when they’ve created an active schedule for themselves, but sometimes the activities they are interested in feel inaccessible without support, or no longer interesting without companionship. Remaining active can also assist in managing or delaying the onset of chronic disease. Senior centers provide an opportunity to remain engaged with other adults with similar interests.

A senior center is a type of community program...

Will Your “Stuff” Avoid Probate?

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Will Your “Stuff” Avoid Probate?

By: Donna J. Schuchart, Estate Administration Coordinator

According to the average retirement age in the U.S. is 61 years old. The average life expectancy is about twenty years later around 80 years old. These studies paint a picture of the reasons to strategically plan to have financial means to support yourself during what is hopefully a long period of retirement. Having a strategic plan for what happens to your “stuff” when you pass away isn’t much different.

Any person with “stuff” has an estate. We’re used to believing this term implies significant wealth but...

Did you know October is Long-Term Care Planning Month?

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Contributed by: PACE Your LIFE, located at the Milford Wellness Village

Did you know October is Long-Term Care Planning Month? This allows us to create awareness among our community to understand and prepare for the outrageous costs of long-term healthcare. Unfortunately, this is not something many of us plan for.

Knowledge is power, and it is crucial for you to know what long-term care services are available to you and how you will pay for that care if/when the time comes. There is a new resource available to individuals 55 and older that reside in southern Kent and northern Sussex...